From October 29th to November 16th 2019, Team 614 will produce, edit and print Dia a Dia live from Todo dia - 12a Bienal Internacional de Arquitetura de São Paulo. 15 issues will be broadcast locally and in a selection of places in the city. Dia a Dia will give a tribune to a multitude of everyday stories on which the imaginations of our contemporary cities are built. 

DIA A DIA a daily magazine about everyday spaces︎DIA A DIA a daily magazine about everyday spaces︎

︎Team 614

614 is a multidisciplinary collective composed of architects, graphic designers, an urban planners, cultural programmers, writers, and artists. Its work focuses on the links between space and writing, so as to emancipate traditional representations of architecture. 614 develops its research through different formats mixing editorial, performative and participative work. Team 614 is composed of :

︎ François Gastesoleil architect [fr] 
︎ Fabien Goutelle graphic designer [fr]
︎ Liana Luna artist [fr/br]
︎ Clémentin Rachet architect/researcher [fr]
︎ Hippolyte Rouiller urban planner [fr]
︎ Zoé Sans-Arcidet Lacourt cultural project manager [fr]
︎ Mélanie Yvon author/artist [fr]

DIA A DIA uma revista diária sobre espaços cotidianos︎DIA A DIA uma revista diária sobre espaços cotidianos︎


Dia a Dia will present the work of an international network of contributors. Architects, illustrators, artists, writers, photographers or researchers; they all take a singular look - be it tender, critical, detached or analytical - at our daily lives and the most banal and ordinary spaces that make up our urban experiences.

︎ Didier Ben Loulou photographer [fr/isr]
︎ Victor Bonte illustrator [fr]
︎ Valentin Bourdon architect/researcher [fr]
︎ Andre Cepeda photographer [pt]
︎ Éric Chauvier anthropologist [fr]
︎ Lorenzo Ciccarelli architect/researcher [it]

︎ Jean Claracq artist [fr]
︎ Margaux Darrieus architect/researcher [fr]

︎ Studio D-o-t-s  researcher/curators [fr/it]
︎ Isabelle Ducrest architect/photographer [fr]
︎ Camille Fallet photographer [fr]
︎ Ferrier Marchetti Studio architect/researcher [fr]
︎ Georges Fessy photographer [fr]

︎ Benoit Galibert photographer [fr]
︎ Peony Gent illustrator [uk]
︎ Michel Guthmann architect [fr]
︎ Clémentine Haenel writer [fr]
︎ Lucas Harari illustrator/author [fr]
︎ Shunji Ishida architect [jp]

︎ Kerry Joyce architect [us]
︎ Edgar Léon artist [cr]

︎ MAMMA. researcher [ma]
︎ Clément Masurier architect/illustrator [fr]

︎ Jasper Morrison designer [uk]

︎ Myr Muratet photographer [fr]

︎ Musée Khombol artist [fr]

︎ Shin Noguchi photographer [jp]
︎ Agathe Novak-Lechevalier researcher/writer [fr]

︎ Sarah Pannell photographer [au]
︎ Stella Park illustrator [kr]
︎ Anne Pauly writer [fr]

︎ Dominique Perrault Architecture architect [fr]

︎ Julien Prévieux artist [fr]
︎ Jean-Michel Rachet european official [fr]

︎ Victor Rachet author/theater director [fr]
︎ Rafael Suriani artist [br]
︎ Fanny Taillandier author/urban planner [fr]
︎ Hayahisa Tomiyasu photographer [jp]
︎ Dominique Viart researcher/writer [fr]
︎ Jean-Louis Violeau sociologist/researcher [fr]
︎ Vincent Zonca researcher [fr]
︎ Team 614 & the people of São Paulo