614 is a multidisciplinary collective that promotes experimentation and collective work.︎614 was born from a common desire: to propose different editorial and performative formats to develop alternatives to dominant narratives in the fields of architecture and urbanism.

︎Fabien Goutelle
Fabien is a graphic designer. His work focus on editorial design, visual identity and environemental graphics. He works with Ferrier Marchetti Studio, an architecture agency driven by research and experimentation. With them he edited the book A History of Thresholds published by Jovis verlag. He also runs Phenicusa Press with the artist Bérénice Béguerie, a small publishing house at the crossroads of fanzinat, artist’s books and micro-publishing trough which they collaborate with contemporary artists.

︎Clémentin Rachet
Clémentin is an architect and Ph.D. student. His research focuses on the links that unite architecture and literature, initiated in the light of his degree. His thesis, directed by Jean-Louis Violeau and Dominique Viart, entitled “Contemporary novel to he test of every day life architecture”, deals with urban banality in contemporary novels. He has published an essay on Michel Houellebecq’s novels (Topologies. 2015. B2). He has been working with Ferrier Marchetti Studio since 2017.

︎Hippolyte Roullier
Hippolyte is an urban planner. After an international career working as a territorial analyst in Lebanon and Jordan (UN Habitat and personalresearch), he moved to Paris and joined Plateau Urbain. In practice for two years within the transient urban planning collective, he develops alternative ways of producing space (alternative real estate and urban fixtures, temporary occupations of vacant spaces, action-research, etc.).

︎Zoé Sans-Arcidet Lajus
After participating in the Experimentation Program in Arts and Politics of Science-Po Paris led by Bruno Latour, Zoé was cultural officer at the Alliance Française in Costa Rica where she set up a multidisciplinary program. She produced film events and exhibitions related to architecture and urban planning and animated the Galeria Joven Creacion, a space dedicated to the young contemporary artistic creation. Back in France, she was Project Director at 308 - Maison de l’Architecture in Nouvelle Aquitaine in Bordeaux.

︎Mélanie Yvon
Artist and author, Mélanie recently published Entrée Libre (Nouvel Attila, 2018). Her practice is at the crossroads of literature, visual arts and performance. She mainly uses the survey tools to collect the documentary materials that form the basis of her work. It then recreates fictional spaces that integrate and make dialogue between activated composite elements in poetic, visual and sound devices.


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